Teaching Linear Equations

Hands-down, Algebra is the best math. I know some Geometry teachers will disagree, and my own Algebra 2 heart aches a little with this confession. Algebra is the first time students are introduced to 2 variable equations. It's the first time kids really need to write things down and when being able to calculate in your head is no longer a valid measure of math ability. (As a side, I don't believe this is ever a good measure of math ability). Algebra also has a direct link to Calculus. In this post I'll be highlighting some fun ways to teach and practice linear equations. 

Algebra 1 warm up template

Warm ups, Do nows, bell ringers... whatever you call them they are so important. Warm-up templates have changed my teaching (almost as much as math word walls). This algebra quick check makes practicing graphing, completing tables, finding slope, finding y-intercepts, finding x-intercepts and writing equations given a graph (this one is always the hardest, even for my Algebra 2 students) super quick and easy. And the best part? Print a stack and you're good to go for a while. 

slope intercept flip book for an algebra interactive notebook

Students can take notes on this Slope-Intercept flippable and keep it in their notebooks to remember each variable. 

linear equations foldable for an Algebra interactive notebook

Under each flap is an explanation of each variable. After a few teacher requests, I updated this set of flippables with an additional set that is blank inside.

linear equations flippables for an Algebra interactive notebook

This one in the set is for the Point-Slope formula. 

linear equations flippables for an Algebra interactive notebook

And here is one for the Slope Formula. 

slope-intercept hearts pennant

I get feedback from teachers everyday about how they are using math pennants in their classrooms and how much their students enjoy them. This Slope-Intercept hearts pennant is specially designed for love-fueled Valentine's Day when there are many more googly eyes than assignments getting done. No one but teachers understand what we go through!

Linear equations ornaments

And Christmas? That week is tough for so many reasons. This set of linear equations ornaments is a fun way to do math, keep kids super engaged and decorate your classroom for the holidays. 

Algebra word wall for linear equations

At the end of last year I decided that my Algebra 2 classroom really needed references for linear equations. Now when I introduce a new nonlinear graph type, I can point to our Algebra 1 word wall to make connections to x and y-intercepts and the x and y values at those points. I can also link to shifts, which is helpful because of how much we work with functions in vertex form. This reference is hanging on our newly-improved Algebra bulletin board and it's used more than even I expected. You can read more about our classroom word walls in the post High School Math Word Wall Ideas.

You can find the free Algebra 1 warm up template through this link.

Algebra Activities Growing Bundle

This Algebra Activities Growing Bundle contains every Algebra activity in my TpT store. Each is also individually linked for download. 

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