Teaching Linear Equations

As a current Algebra 2 teacher, I'll be reminiscing a bit in this post back to my days teaching Algebra 1. Algebra 2 is great. It's so abstract, stretches student imaginations, and I truly love teaching it. But if I'm really being honest, Algebra 1 is the most important math. It's the first time students are introduced to 2 variable equations, and if it sticks then, the concept will stick all the way through high school and into college. There are other great things about Algebra 1, but this one to me stands out as #1.

In this post I'll be highlighting some fun ways to teach and practice linear equations. First up, a set of linear equations flippables for the slope, slope-intercept and point-slope equations to help students remember each of the equations.

slope intercept flip book for an algebra interactive notebook

This is the flippable for slope-intercept that is included in the set.

slope intercept foldable

Under each flap is an explanation of each variable. After a couple teacher requests for blank ones, a set with just the letters is also included. Those are great for taking notes.

Linear Equations flippables for an algebra interactive notebook

Here's a photo of all 3 flippables.

Algebra quick check

We called warm ups "do now's" in Boston when I taught Algebra 1, which always seemed so bossy! I much prefer calling them warm ups. Even with the softer name, and as important as I know they are, creating a unique warm up was always last on my to-do list -- until I started using templates. This algebra quick check makes practicing graphing, completing tables, finding slope, finding y-intercepts, finding x-intercepts and writing equations given a graph (this one is always the hardest, even for my Algebra 2 students) super quick and easy. And the best part? Print a stack and you're good to go for a while. 

linear equations pennant

Once students "get it", practice is still so important to make the concept stick. But practice is so boring! :) The key is to give practice without it feeling like practice. These three pennant activities make that happen. The linear equations pennant above works great any time of year. 

slope-intercept hearts pennant

This slope-intercept hearts pennant is specially designed for love-fueled Valentine's Day when there are many more googly eyes than assignments getting done. No one but teachers understand what we go through!

Linear equations ornaments

And Christmas? Fuggedaboutit! This set of linear equations ornaments will keep them on track. The bows are extra add-ons so that students can customize their math classroom decor. 

Slope sorting activity

For students who need an earlier entry point, this slope sorting activity asks students to identify the slopes in different depictions of linear equations. I have lots more slope activities in this Slope bundle

How do you teach linear equations so that the concept sticks? Comment below or join the conversation over on Facebook!

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