Systems of Equations Quick Check Sheet

Systems of equations quick check

This past week in Algebra 2 we saw that solving radical equations was a lot like solving systems of equations! One of the many, many things I have learned from math teachers at my school is that any equation at all can be solved with a graphing calculator. We just have to put each side of the equation into y1= and y2= and find the intersection. I never thought of it, but it makes total sense. The only thing to remember is that the y value at the intersection wouldn't be part of our solution since we are forcing one 1-variable equation into two 2-variable equations. Other than that, what a great trick!

Systems of equations quick check

This quick check sheet is pretty versatile. Early in the year we graphed vertex form radicals by looking at the inside and outside shifts. This past week we added a horizontal line and found the intersection between the horizontal line and the radical. Then we linked solving radicals to systems of equations and talked about how any equation can be solved with the graphing calculator in y1= and y2=. Here is an example of a problem we did in class to link graphing radicals to solving systems involving radicals. Next we'll set radicals equal to linear equations. 

You can download this free systems quick check from TpT. If you are interested in more quick check sheets for additional Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 topics you might be interested in this post

And if you're looking for some fun activities for systems of equations, you may be interested in this systems of equations pennant activity.

Systems of Equations Pennant {elimination & substitution}

There is also one for graphing systems and a bundle that's discounted. 

Systems of Equations Pennant {graphing}

These systems of equations word problem task cards can be used as a low-stress assessment of how well students can build and solve systems of equations.  

Systems of Equations WORD PROBLEMS

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