Graphing Factored Form Quadratic Functions

In Algebra 2, we just finished a quick unit on graphing quadratics in factored form. The unit went pretty fast because my students already had a pretty solid understanding that "inside is opposite" from our work with vertex form functions. They picked up on finding the zeros instead of the vertex pretty quickly, and I gave them this reference sheet to help with remembering the steps.

Graphing Factored Form Quadratics Cheat Sheet

We completed the unit with a 12-question graphing activity where students needed to graph factored form quadratics and then find either the y-intercept or vertex of each graph.

Graphing Factored Form Quadratic Functions tasks

By last week, we had moved on to multiplying polynomials. We had a delayed opening on Friday because of the cold so I really didn't know if it would be a good day to give a summary activity. To my surprise, my students were focused! They really seemed to love this set of cards asking them to find the areas and perimeters of rectangles with binomial side lengths. 

After this unit, we move onto my favorite unit - factoring!

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