Teaching Range with the Stock Market

Every year in Algebra 2 we start off with a review of linear equations, move into function/not a function then into domain and range. This year I have a tiny Algebra 2 class of all boys who, as I quickly found out, are pretty interested in the stock market. 

I find with anything involving review, my students check out. Since domain and range are taught in 9th grade now, seeing it again in 11th grade Algebra 2 can feel like a review at first, especially during (re)introduction. Lots of blank stares. So I pulled up Facebook's stock chart and we looked at the day's range of... What? Yes, price! We talked about how days are a measure of time, which is always on the x axis (Domain) so price would be found on the y axis (Range). I pointed to our math word walls a lot to remind everyone which is which. 

We then got into talking about share prices and how much money people can make in the stock market. You know, the good stuff that has nothing to do with domain and range! But I do think that taking a step back to build context is important so that kids get engaged and want to move forward. 

The Math Dyal Domain and Range
The Math Dyal: Connecting Inequalities to Domain and Range
My friend at The Math Dyal wrote a great post about how she introduced Domain and Range this year. She teaches younger kids so uses inequality notation instead of the interval notation we use in Algebra 2. 

Domain and Range practice cards

And here are some Domain and Range practice cards we use before completing our final domain and range scavenger hunt

Domain and Range scavenger hunt

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