A manipulative for integer operations

Integer Operations Manipulative

It really doesn't seem to matter whether a student is in 7th grade or in 12th grade, integer operations are always tricky. When I taught 11th grade Algebra 2 in Boston, working with negative integers was a major sticking point when we'd be solving equations. Students would get all the way to the end of a difficult equation... and get the wrong answer. Why? Adding and subtracting integers from both sides.

Here is a video explanation for how the manipulative works. Please excuse the cartoons in the background. Bonus points if you know what cartoon my daughter is watching:) 

You can also check out this post for more information.

integer operations manipulative

If you find that your students are struggling with integer operations, this manipulative is available for download here. I like to laminate it so that students can use dry erase markers. This helps some students keep an accurate count of the spaces between numbers. 

Adding and subtracting integers pennant

For a fun integer operations activity, you may like this integers pennant. Students evaluate three problems on each pennant. The three problems are related to keep the focus on those pesky signs. 

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