Graphing Rational Functions Reference Sheet

One of the best parts of my job is making reference sheets for students. I have made reference sheets for topics like projectile motion, synthetic division, sketching polynomials and now this one for graphing rational functions. 

Graphing rational functions

Before we started graphing, our students were having trouble simplifying rational functions. After our first quiz it was obvious that they I needed to give them more support. So I gave them this flowchart reference sheet to help explain the steps to take for each problem type:

This simplifying rational expressions activity is a way to practice simplifying rationals. 

Simplifying Rational Expressions Activity

I'm a huge fan of math word walls because of how well they work in my classroom. Since I started hanging references on our walls my students have gained confidence, are a lot less anxious and buy-in is higher. My Algebra 2 word wall keeps growing as more teachers email asking for additions. This parent graph for rational functions was a recent addition. 

rational functions parent graph from an Algebra 2 word wall

You can find the 2 rationals reference sheets here and read more about the word walls in my classroom in the post High School Math Word Wall Ideas


  1. Hi! I am looking to purchase your graphing rational functions item ebut its not on the store and the link takes you to simplifying. help!

    1. Oh it's free! It's in the sidebar of my blog (in the light blue box "dropbox"). If you can't find it I am happy to send it if you drop me an email.