Graphing Polynomials {cheat sheet!}

This past week we started graphing polynomials in my co-taught class, with my super amazing co-teacher, after months with quadratics. So far, polynomial graphing is shaping up to be a lot easier than quadratics for this year's group of kids, but it still brings some challenges. After day 1, I knew our students needed a reference sheet. So here it is! 

Scaffolded Math and Science

In my own Applied Algebra 2 classes, my students needed a bit more scaffolding, so I added this polynomials graphing reference to our Algebra 2 word wall. We took things a lot slower and worked through additional activities that you can read in the post Teaching Polynomial Sketching

graphing polynomials anchor chart

This addition to our word wall really helped my students make connections between the zeros and the equation and when equations will cross or bounce off the x axis.

You can find the graphing polynomials cheat sheet in the "Freebies" section (in the polynomials folder) in the sidebar.

Polynomials quick check

This year I also began using this polynomials quick check sheet. It has worked wonders to give my students the extra practice they need. We use it for warm ups, quick checks for understanding and as an exit ticket.

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