Vertex schmertex (vertex form quadratics)

free quadratics task cards for graphing quadratics in vertex form

We started graphing and writing equations for vertex form quadratics in my Algebra 2 classes this week. Well, half my students did - the other half were re-taking the state exit exam. Don't get me started...

Because half of my students missed most of the introduction to the unit, I needed a basic activity that would allow some students to work independently while I worked more one-on-one with the others who had been out.

So I made 12 task cards that ask students to graph and write equations of vertex form quadratics. Every task card has an additional question on it like "find the zeros" or "find the y-intercept" to keep skills up. 

I had given this reference sheet to my students to help them remember the steps for graphing vertex form quadratics. They keep the sheet in their notebooks (it's a 1/2 sheet) to use during class.

factored form quadratic reference -- part of an Algebra 2 word wall

On our classroom walls are lots of word wall references. We use our vertex form example posters (part of our Algebra 2 word wall) probably the most of any other reference. Above are the parts of our reference for radicals, which come up later.

You can find the vertex form task cards and the quadratics in vertex form reference sheet here.

We also graph quadratics in factored form, which I write about in the post Graphing Factored Form Quadratic Functions.

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free quadratics task cards for graphing quadratics in vertex form

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