Vertex schmertex (vertex form quadratics)

free quadratics activity

We started graphing and writing equations for vertex form quadratics in my Algebra 2 classes this week. Well, half my students did - the other half were re-taking the state exit exam. Don't get me started...

Back to quadratics:
Because half of my students missed most of the introduction to the unit, I need a basic activity that will allow some students to work independently while I work more one-on-one with the others who have been out. What better way to accomplish this than with task cards?

There are 12 task cards - 6 asking students to graph, 6 asking them to write equations - and an answer sheet. Every task card has an additional question on it like "find the zeros" or "find the y-intercept" to keep skills up. You can find this activity my resource library (in the sidebar).

This sheet helps my students remember the steps to take when graphing vertex form quadratics. You can also find this reference in the sidebar (steps to graph.pdf).

vertex form quadratics

This vertex form flippable is a fun way for students to remember the variables and shifts in vertex form functions. The download comes with flippables for quadratics (shown), absolute value and radicals. 

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