All sorts of slope 4 ways

Positive, negative, zero and undefined slope activity

So much learning happens in Algebra and slope is one of the core topics. I love fun, hands-on activities to teach and practice slope. When kids come out of Algebra having enjoyed most of it, math from then on becomes a whole lot more accessible. 

slope classroom decor
(slope pennant)

Algebra is so important, it's even been linked to college graduation rates. And there is a direct link between Algebra and Calculus. We know it's crucial, so does this mean Algebra needs to be super serious? No way! 

Even for my older Algebra 2 students, I love assigning activities where they cut and paste. There is something so low-anxiety about it that it allows my students to relax and reflect on their day. My students are always so stressed out about what they have going on that a little creativity is a great break. The post Fun Activities for Learning (and Teaching!) Slope has more engaging slope activities, including the slope pennant above.

Slope puzzle

This Slope 4 Ways Puzzle is a nice introduction to the 4 major slopes - positive, negative, zero and undefined. You can print it full-sized or smaller to fit in students' interactive notebooks. (You can find this one for free here). 

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