Displaying Student Work on "The Fridge"

Students love hanging their papers on the wall in our class

I'm not sure I'd believe it if I wasn't a high school teacher, but my high school math students love displaying their good work on our classroom bulletin board! Most of the time when I ask students if they want to put their papers on our Fridge, they choose to hang them up in our classroom instead of taking them home. To me, confidence is 99% of math. When a kid feels confident, math becomes easier and that kid is more likely to go on to take more math classes. Our classroom walls are covered in math word walls and my students' hard work. These two things combined have boosted the confidence of my students.  

That fun photo above is from Australian Instagrammer @igeewithmissbee who downloaded these FREE "The Fridge" pennant letters and created her own classroom Fridge! I loved seeing this so much! It made me so so so so happy!

When we run out of magnets and students ask where they should put their papers, we just pile new papers on top of old ones. Nothing really comes down until the end of the year, which works in my classroom because my classes are small. I have some regular magnets and also some of those super strong ones that my husband uses to put his hobby stuff together. The super strong ones will go through a whole bunch of papers so the layers can get pretty deep:)

We start the year with our fridge completely empty, and over the year the stacks of student work keep growing. Here, a teacher friend tweeted a photo of her Fridge that she set up before school started. At first it's completely empty, but as the year goes on more and more papers will appear:)

"The Fridge" confidence builder for student work

Our fridge is covered with mainly Algebra 2 papers with a few Consumer Math papers sprinkled in here and there. Even my seniors love hanging their work! We do INBs in Consumer Math, so there are less chances to hang work. Whenever there is a chance, something does get added. 

Editable "Math Boss" Pennant to boost math confidence

In math, confidence in literally everything. When students are confident and feel able to solve problems on their own, their learning really takes off. My students have just about always struggled with math, so overcoming these insecure feelings is a part of my job I take very seriously. This Math Boss pennant is meant to boost student confidence, especially around state testing time.

math word wall ideas

Another super important part of our room are our word walls. I really can't imagine teaching without them (I write about 5 ways they have changed my teaching here), and you can imagine the panic that set in when we got an email about fire code! Thankfully our word walls were cleared:) You can read more about our classroom word walls in this post. Word walls are a great way to boost math confidence because the quick access to information allows students to feel more independent. With this feeling of independence comes confidence they can learn and excel in math.

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  1. LOVE the Fridge! Since I already use a metal cabinet to display work, I may just change the name!! :)

  2. I believe high school students like having they're work displayed even though they're older! Everyone likes others to notice their hard work and success.

  3. Hahaha this is a great idea! I love the name and I'm sure your students feel pretty special to see their best work displayed for everyone to see.

  4. Love "The Fridge!" High-schoolers are just big kids--they love showing off their work. Great idea!

  5. What a great idea! I bet it brings out the elementary kid that's still inside all of them. How fun!

  6. I love how you call your student work display "The Fridge." It creates a positive, warm, loving message.

  7. What a fabulous idea! Love it! It really builds a positive culture in the classroom and among the students.

  8. My students post goals and dreams on a bulletin board. They love to stand and read what others have written. We all celebrate when someone meets their goal. I love the fridge ideas.

  9. I love this idea. I have a bank of refrigerator-sized "coat"closet doors, so I will have one FRIDGE for each class. I don't have a honmeroom so the closets are empty. I could put snacks in the fridges!