Free Math Pennants

Everyone loves free! In this post I want to highlight some free math pennants that you can use as warm ups, exit tickets, a review day, a fun day, homework, really anything! Teachers have come up with a bunch of ways they are using math pennants with their kids. And kids love them! I have heard so many stories of disengaged students really getting into their math pennants, and to me this is everything. 

Below are some free math pennants and where to find them...

free math pennant for order of operations

Here is a free order of operations pennant that has been downloaded by teachers over 20,000 times. My favorite thing about math pennants is how they allow students to showcase their work. My students love showing off their work and would rather hang their papers in our classroom than bring them home. We have an area of our classroom called "The Fridge" where students hang their graded work and it's a real confidence-booster.

free math pennant for order of operations (younger kids)

A couple teachers emailed to ask for an order of operations pennant that would work for their younger students. I made this order of operations pennant from their request with expressions geared towards students in 5th grade and middle school. 

free solving equations math pennant

And this solving 2-step equations pennant is free for subscribing to blog updates. With this, you will also get access to a lot more free math resources. 

You can see even more math pennants in this post

Self-checking Middle School Math Activities

I'm very excited to bring you this guest post from Mandy at Math Dyal. I so admire Mandy for her creativity, her work ethic and her ability to reach students who are afraid of math. Here is a photo I stole from Mandy's Facebook page:

self checking middle school math activities

Her students love her! She's one of those teachers who just knows how to get through to kids because she listens to them and allows herself to learn from them. So without any more gushing, here is Mandy's guest post on self-checking middle school math activities:

Scaffolded Math's Favorite Things

Thanks for stopping by! Through my work at TpT I have met some really great math educators who I am happy to now call friends. We got together this holiday season to bring you a blog hop and giveaway of our favorite math things (kind of like Oprah, only more mathy). 

This giveaway is for a $25 TpT gift card and a copy of the amazing book Mathematical Mindsets. Giveaway details below:)

Giveaway closed! Winner notified in comments and via email!

Thank you to all who entered. I hope you have your most restful winter break yet! :)

Christmas Math Pennants

The days leading up to Christmas break are crazy. Some kids are excited about Santa, some are excited to be away from school, others are not at all excited about being home. This all leads to a giant soup of emotions that can be really hard to manage.  

I've written a lot about math pennants and how much students enjoying seeing their work displayed. Math pennants also work great for keeping students focused during this time of year. In this post I wanted to highlight some of the holiday math pennants I have made that have a Christmas theme.

You can find all of these holiday math ornaments in the Holiday Math section of my TpT store.

area and perimeter math ornaments

These area and perimeter ornaments ask students to find the area and perimeter of irregular shapes that are measured in unit squares. Students can decorate their pennants with bows and holly.