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Holiday Math pennants from Scaffolded Math and Science

Holidays are a tough time to keep momentum going. Diets, budgets, curriculum! At my old school we used to put on movies the days before vacation breaks because teaching anything seemed impossible. The trick is to find something the kids like doing and that keeps the momentum. One of my most popular posts has become this post about Math pennants. They are a good way to keep kids focused on these trying days before school vacations.

Back to School Pennant: Golden Spiral

This back to school pennant has a Golden Spiral theme and is a great way to incorporate math into those important get-to-know-you activities at the beginning of the school year or new semester. 

Rounding Pennant {Pumpkin theme}

These pumpkin pennants ask students to round numbers with decimals into the hundredths to the nearest ten, whole and tenth. Each of the 30 pennants has 2 problems on it. Also includes an optional student answer sheet and answer key. 

Rounding Pennant {whole numbers}

A few teachers asked if I could make a rounding pennant with whole numbers instead of with decimals. This rounding pennant for younger kids asks students to round numbers in the hundreds place to the nearest ten and hundred. Includes optional student answer sheet and answer key.

Multiplication Pennant {Ghost theme}

Students multiply 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers on these funny ghost pennants. There are 30 pennant, an optional student answer sheet and an answer key. Problems very in difficulty, making it easy to differentiate.

Earth Day pennant

I focused on fun facts about Earth with this Earth Day pennant. I wanted to combine science and math with this one, so each pennant has a word problem (solvable with + - x or /) related to its picture. Includes an optional student answer sheet and key.

Slope-intercept Heart Pennant

These slope-intercept hearts pennants make me wish I still taught Algebra 1! Students graph slope-intercept form equations and find the equations of given graphs. Includes an optional student answer sheet and key.

Pi Day Pennant

These Pi Day pennants were one of my most ambitious projects. Getting them perfect took forever, but the feedback I have received from teachers has made it all worth it. Students work with the circle formulas to find area, circumference, radius and diameter. Includes an optional student answer sheet and answer key. 

Pi Day Pennant

I got a lot of requests to make Pi Day pennants for younger kids, so these are a little simpler and ask students to find areas and circumferences of circles. There's a pie on each pennant to color. Yum! Includes an optional student answer sheet and answer key. 

graphing linear equations ornaments

These graphing linear equations ornaments make a festive classroom display. Students graph from slope-intercept and point-slope forms, graph given slope and a point, graph given 2 points, and write equations in slope-intercept and point-slope forms. There are 30 pennants, an optional student answer sheet and key. Also includes optional bows and holly to decorate the ornaments. 

Improper Fractions & Mixed Numbers Pennant

These Christmas-themed fraction pennants are some of my favorites because I got super inspired and made a lot of the clipart myself. These ask students to convert between mixed number and improper fractions then color in the portions. Includes an optional student answer sheet and answer key. 

Area and Perimeter Ornaments

A third grade teacher asked me to make her some ornaments for area and perimeter for her students like the ones I made for older kids. She was very excited when I sent her these area and perimeter ornaments.

Function Stories Pennant

The problems on these function stories pennants aren't holiday-themed, but the bell shape would jazz up any classroom for the holidays! Students draw motion graphs given the stories on each pennant. Includes an optional student answer sheet and answer key.

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  1. If I download your ornaments, would you mind if I edited them so they were in Swedish as well? I think they are a great idea but would like them to be bilingual for my school.