Back to School pennant: A Math GLYPH

Back to School Golden Spiral pennant glyph

"A glyph?" I asked myself 2 days ago. "What is a GLYPH?"

I asked some friends and one of them knew. 

"It's like one of those things where kids color based on things they like, like they'd color the stars yellow if their favorite class is Art."

"Oh I see!" Glyphs are COOL!

After a teacher left feedback stating that she had wished my Back to School Golden Spiral pennant was a glyph, I decided to add student directions to turn 2 of the pennant choices into glyphs. All 7 of the pennant versions can still be used as free-coloring pennants (some have get-to-know-you questions on them like "Favorite Color", "Favorite Class", etc.) and now students can also color their pennants based on their answers to a set of student questions.

Math pennants in Mrs. E's classroom

My friend over at Mrs. E Teaches Math started at a new school this year after having her son and sent me this great photo. As a child born in the 1970s, I can't express just how much I appreciate her classroom's wood paneling. It really makes the pennants pop! It's a miracle no one ever painted that gorgeous paneling matte white. Speaking of Back to School, Mrs. E did the Marshmallow Challenge on the first day back in her classes and said it was a big success.

I feel really lucky to have met so many wonderful Math teachers and bloggers through my work with TpT. There's something so special about friends who also love Math. OMG, that was SO geeky. Anyway, my friend from Math Dyal sent me this great photo after her kids also colored their Back to School pennants. Mandy started her year off with Math puzzles and overheard a kid say, "I think I am going to like this class - it's the first time all day I've done something besides listen to my teacher talk about the syllabus!" Note to self: don't talk about the syllabus! OK, maybe just a little:)

Back to School pennant for Math - The Golden Ratio

You can find this Golden Spiral Back to School pennant here. And if you like the idea of decorating your room with student work, here is a FREE Math pennant for the Order of Operations.

FREE Order of Operations Math pennant

Happy Back to School Season!

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