Algebra 1 warm-up template

Special Ed Algebra

For most of last year, I used this Algebra 2 warm-up template to simplify warm-ups. It has worked so well for my Algebra 2 classes that I thought it might be a good idea to make a similar warm up template for Algebra 1

Algebra warm up template

At the beginning of every year in Algebra 2, we do a quick, 1-2 week review of linear functions and I can also see this warm up template working great for that unit as a way to refresh functions. You can find this Algebra 1 warm-up template for free here.

Algebra 1 word wall

Word wall
I recently made this Algebra 1 word wall that I plan to hang on my wall in the fall (well, late summer:) to remind my students about linear functions.  It covers slope, x-intercept, y-intercept, origin, x and y axis, graph, grid and points in a table. I've desperately needed this visual for a while and am excited to finally have it ready for my classroom.

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