Language of Math poster

This poster is a hot mess, I know! But it works! (Here it is hanging in my classroom). At the end of this past school year I replaced the crumbling tape between the 2 pieces of large drawing paper and thought back to when I first made this poster. Five years ago? Seven? More? I really don't even remember. It's been a long time in the making and I have added terms associated with each of these algebraic symbols as the years have gone on. When kids start to understand that words can be translated into symbols magic things start to happen.

A few years ago I created a digital version of this Language of Math poster that looks like this when printed out (I followed these directions to make it a poster on regular printer paper for FREE and then added a nifty border).

There are also handouts for student interactive notebooks in this free download so that students can reference the list of words when they are working at home.

Recently I've been creating Math pennants to make practice fun and this one is a great one to go along with the beginnings of algebraic reasoning. There is an expression that needs translating and evaluating on each pennant, giving students practice with this important skill. And to make it fun, students can color the pennants to make them look great hanging in your classroom!

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