Graphing Rational Functions Reference Sheet

One of the best parts of my job as a Special Ed Math teacher is making reference sheets for students to make tough topics more accessible. I have made reference sheets all year for topics like projectile motion, synthetic division, graphing polynomials, and now this one for graphing rational functions. By far this is the one that took the longest to make because there is so much to graphing these strange functions!

I am well aware that today may have been your LAST day of school for the year (thanks Facebook! :) but if you are like me and are still wrapping up before finals, or are already thinking about next year, you can download this reference sheet from the "Freebies" section of the sidebar --->

And if you need an activity for a sub or as a review of simplifying rational expressions, this one here is free and presents adding, multiplying and dividing rationals in terms of area and perimeter. Kids like this one! 

Before we started graphing rationals, we simplified them. This flowchart helped kids see that they only needed to find a common denominator when adding or subtracting and only needed to cancel when multiplying and dividing. I'll put a copy of this flowchart in the sidebar too, in case you think it will help your students. 


  1. Hi! I am looking to purchase your graphing rational functions item ebut its not on the store and the link takes you to simplifying. help!

    1. Oh it's free! It's in the sidebar of my blog (in the light blue box "dropbox"). If you can't find it I am happy to send it if you drop me an email.