Quickly Checkin' Algebra 2

Oh no! Where's my warmup? I know I printed it. Where is it?? 
I can't stand when this happens! Warmups are so incredibly important in my classes for setting the tone for the next hour or so, but they are also so easy to forget. Not to mention, they can take a long time to make and can be so hard to track. I never know which one I gave which class and then finding the files in the computer to shine on the smart board? That's a whole other story! 

Mission Complete
My mission this past year was to completely streamline the warm up process with a go-to Algebra 2 warmup template that I could print a stack of and use over and over again. Mission accomplished! This template was a total lifesaver this year.  I used it to review domain, range, zeros, y-intercept, vertex, graphing and writing equations or all sorts of functions. I also used other warmups, but this one went the distance over and over again.

How I use the template
Sometimes I use the template to get my students to graph, other times I will give the graph and ask students to find the equation. You can find a powerpoint of equations in my dropbox link ("freebies" in sidebar) and the quick check template here.

From there, students also find the vertex, y-intercept, domain, range, zeros and equation (if a graph was given). Here is a photo of the quick check on my smart board after we graphed a quadratic in factored form. I also sometimes use my document camera instead.

All of the graphs were made in Graph Free (awesome program I learned about from Mrs. E Teaches Math) and I add to the equations as needed. If my students struggled with inside shifts the day before, for example, I'll quickly add a new equation to the powerpoint to give to them the next day. My students know to grab a warm up from our wire bin as they walk into the room. I shine either the graph or equation on the board, give my students time to complete their quick check, then shine the quick check on the board to review. Other times I collect the quick check to award up to 10 points of classwork credit. 


  1. Hello! Is the powerpoint file with the graphs mentioned above supposed to be linked for us to download?

    1. Thank you for letting me know that I completely spaced on this! I have added the files to the "Freebies" section of the sidebar ---> I just switched over to dropbox (forgive the Google Drive graphic... I'll work on it! :) but let me know if you have any trouble and I will gladly email the files to you. You can reach me at scaffoldedmath@gmail.com