All sorts of slope 4 ways

Positive, negative, zero and undefined slope activity

Algebra 2 is wonderfully awesome in all of its abstractness and I love teaching it. 

slope classroom decor

But how awesome is Algebra 1? Kids jump from cross-multiplying in pre-Algebra to finding rates of change within a few months. How cool is that??  I still daydream about teaching Algebra 1 and all the fun algebra activities (like that Slope pennant above) to do with 9th graders.

Algebra = future success
Algebra is the first time students actually need to write things down because it's virtually impossible to keep all the steps in their little teenage heads. This is a real wake up call for some kids, especially those who have been praised for being able to do Math without needing to write anything down. I saw this over and over again when teaching in South Boston. Suddenly these bright kids experience a small life crisis! And this is OK! Of course they're still bright, but quickly need to adapt to a life of step-recording because this is what Algebra 1 is. It's hard for them but WOW does growth happen. I heard somewhere that success in Algebra 1 suggests a student will go on to be successful in other Math classes and I totally 100% believe this. So much awesome learning happens in this class that directly applies to all other Math that students will learn.

Slope interactive PDF

Interactive PDFs
Have your students tried interactive PDFs? They are super engaging and give the immediate feedback students love. I made this Slope interactive PDF for finding slope from tables, graphs, ordered pairs and equations. At the end of the 20 questions, students are directed to a fun certificate they can save to their Google Drives or computers. The picture above is the interactive PDF being played on an ipad. It will also work on a computer and even a chromebook. 

Slope puzzle

Fun and free stuff!
If you are looking for a fun activity that covers the 4 major slopes - positive, negative, zero and undefined - in 4 different ways - equations, tables, graphs and coordinate pairs - you will find a file called "Slope 4 ways" over there in the "Freebies" part of the sidebar (the link to my dropbox)>. It is a puzzle that can be used as an activity or as something kids glue into their notebooks for future reference. There are 2 versions for you to choose from. I hope your students enjoy it and I'd love to know how it goes! 

High School Math Word Wall Ideas

Word Walls
Do you have a word wall in your classroom? Here is a photo of part of the Algebra 1 word wall that is hanging in my classroom. Even though I teach Algebra 2, we reference this wall a lot, especially when explaining x and y intercepts. We also have walls and anchor charts for Algebra 2 and Geometry. 

Algebra quick check

For me, word walls and warm up templates have completely changed my teaching. We spend less time digging through unorganized binders and I spend a ton less time at at the copy machine trying to pull together a decent warmup. I just print a stack of templates and I'm good to go for the week. Up thee is a FREE template for Algebra 1 warm ups that will save you a ton of time (and sanity!)

Holiday Math Pennants
Holiday Math Pennants from Scaffolded Math and Science

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