Quadratics flow- and anchor charts, oh my!

Factoring Graphic Organizer & Flowchart

This is a super quick post on 2 reference sheets that I use with my students. The one below helps students sort out the wording in quadratic word problems while the one up top helps with factoring quadratics. These have both helped my students with organization so that they can tackle these tough topics more confidently.

I like to give these sheets out before we start each topic so that they can be hole-punched and added to binders as an easy reference. I also turned the Quadratic Keywords sheet into a poster that hangs on our wall all year.

Quadratics Keywords Poster

UPDATE: Since writing this super short post, I have made a few more reference sheets and posters that are linked in the post Projectile Motion Posters. And if you are looking for more ideas and activities for quadratics, there's this post: Fun With Quadratics


  1. Thanks for sharing these fun freebies! I'll be sharing them with my readers tomorrow! :)

    1. You're very welcome! I hope you have a wonderful school year :)