Algebra 2 Bulletin Board Finally Digitized!

If you are coming here from Pinterest, know that I am SUPER embarrassed about the blunder on the photo of the absolute value equation. Ugh! This is what I get for 1) copying and pasting and 2) working late at night. The file in my Algebra 2 word wall is completely fixed. But that Pinterest photo will haunt me for all of eternity!

Algebra 2 word wall for a high school Math bulletin board

For the last 3 years I have wanted to digitize my Algebra 2 word wall and it finally happened. It's done. It's digitized. It's even laminated! 

*UPDATE* Here we are a couple years later and things have changed even more. My classroom walls are filling up quick. You can check out recent photos of my classroom word walls for Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2 here.

So what's on the wall?
I'm glad you asked! I wrote about what I included on my hand-painted and cut paper (sounds way more romantic than it is) word wall here and the pieces are about the same with this digitized version. 

And I just added digital versions of these 3 anchor charts I refer to all year when we learn about all sorts of functions and their shifts. My students really like having them to refer to as easier examples when we look at new functions.

Algebra 2 word wall

Domain, Range, Increasing and Decreasing
We talk about and find domain and range throughout our entire year, so much so that I use this FREE Algebra 2 warm up template for domain, range, vertex, zeros, y-intercept and equation throughout the year. This template makes it super easy to check for understanding. They can also be used as effective exit tickets. 

And here is is.... an edited version of that infamous photo....

Examples, examples!
I learned recently that being able to apply an example to a new problem is a skill that needs developing! Who knew? I love examples posted on our wall to point to as little Math analogies. There are examples of the 4 graph types for increasing and decreasing and a quadratic graph with domain, range, increasing, decreasing and its equation and vertex labeled.

Key words and reminders
There are also reminders of the interval notation for domain, range, increasing and decreasing. Students always forget that all but range note x values only. Oh Algebra 2, you're so tricky!

One of my goals as a Math teacher is to remove as many obstacles between students and the often-difficult information we learn in class and I'm really hopeful that this word wall will work even better than my non-romantically painted one has for the last 3 years. I mean, come on, it'll be laminated! :)

More word walls in my classroom
I have word walls all over my classroom. You can check out more of my classroom word walls here

Algebra 2 word wall

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