Fun with Quadratics

fun quadratics chain activity

I love teaching quadratics! Factoring, the Quadratic Formula, Projectile Motion... all of it is just awesome. It's the unit in Algebra 2 where I see the most student growth. It also seems to be the unit that makes my students the most proud of what they have learned to do. 

Quadratic Formula warm up template

Our quadratics unit starts with factoring and ends with projectile motion. In between, we learn the Quadratic Formula and begin getting comfortable with the graphing calculator. The Quadratic Formula always completely freaks my students out! To help, I print a stack of the above Quadratic Formula template that we then use for warm ups, quick checks and exit tickets. It helps their confidence a lot to get this extra practice.

fun quadratics activity

Students love choice!
When I first started using choice in my classroom I didn't think it would really make much difference. It does! Students are so much more motivated and bought-in when they feel they have a say about the work they are doing. To summarize the Quadratic Formula, I give my students a quadratics chain activity. I was lazy this year and didn't cut the strips out ahead of time, but this actually worked out great. My students liked the hands-on aspect of getting scissors and cutting the strips. See? Sometimes laziness pays off.

No, I'm just kidding. It was a happy accident.

All of the equations were factorable but my students usually chose to use the Quadratic Formula. When a student completed a problem, I was able to quickly scan the QR code with my QR scanning app. NOTE: Snapchat scans QR codes! 

Quadratic Formula chain activity

Once an answer was correct, it was ready to be made into a chain link. I awarded 10 points for each correct link and extra credit points if anyone went beyond 10. 

Quadratic Formula Pennant

Another fun activity to assess student understanding of the quadratic formula is this quadratic formula pennant activity

Quadratic Formula math pennant

Students solve the quadratic on each pennant, color and hang them up in the classroom to display their hard work.

If you're looking for more activities to practice an assess student understanding of quadratics, this quadratics bundle includes task cards, a puzzle, sorting activity, posters, foldables and a factoring pennant.

Next up
After learning the Quadratic Formula, we move onto solving with the graphing calculator. Because I love templates so much, we use one here too.

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