Quadratics Keywords Poster

Whenever we start quadratics word problems in Algebra 2 I panic just a little. OK, a lot. Since the wording of these problems always tricks my students, I wanted to make them a quick reference for the keywords they will see in the problems. 

To make a poster
I just wrote a post about a free way to enlarge any pdf into a homemade classroom-sized poster. For free. From any printer. Its an awesome money-saving method of quickly making great references for the classroom that you don't feel guilty writing on. If you're interested, the post is here

More new stuff!
Speaking of new things, I also just made a companion poster that got my students WAY more independent when using the graphing calculator. You can read about it and download this new poster for free here

Factoring, Quad Formula and then...
This year, we started with factoring, moved to the Quadratic Formula and finally got to word problems. I introduced the idea of projectile motion, and shooting rockets and kicking rocks off from rooftops. Why are there always rocks on building roofs? How do they get there? We also shot a few elastics at the ceiling. Remember how kids could get pencils to stick in the ceiling? Talent.

To start word problems, I gave each student a Quadratic Keywords handout for their binders and highlighted along with them on my larger poster version. We then completed this quick zero or vertex sort to help kids recognize the keywords that will be important. I actually combined our graphing calculator introduction with projectile motion this year for the first time ever and really liked how it went. The learning curve was steep but I really liked teaching the functions of the graphing calculator during an applications unit instead of in isolation.

UPDATE: The posters worked! My students had less trouble remembering which parts of the parabola they were being asked to find, finding an appropriate window on the graphing calculator and placing the cursors correctly to find zeros and maximums. Awesome!

Let's collaborate
If you are a Pinterestaholic like me and you'd like more secondary Math ideas, here are boards for Algebra and Algebra 2. They're both chock full of ideas to bring directly to our classrooms or pin for later reference. 

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