A new blog!

So many people talk about their Blogger blogs that I got to feeling a little left out.  So, in these cold hours leading up to a Patriots Superbowl win (Go Pats!) and while the baby is sleeping, I thought it a fine time to do a little investigating.

Turns out, I already had a Blogger!  What?  OK, I vaguely remember making one years ago so let me just click this here "look at my blog"... Ugh, really?  There's a saying in some faction of society: "There is no trying, only doing and not doing".  OK, I definitely didn't do!  Cringe!  Delete, delete, delete!  

So this blog here will be my very best attempt at doing. I have high hopes, yet have no idea what I'm doing.  This here looks a lot like Microsoft Word.  Oh cool, I can insert a photo!  There are some choices up there to add HTML.  What is that?  Oooo, a highlighter tool!  Oh nice, I can add video!  Now if I can just find the time to blog regularly....

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