1040 Income Tax Cheat Sheet for Kids

I recently posted on Instagram about doing my students' taxes. All of my seniors, most of whom have after school jobs, learned how to file a 1040 income tax return in our Consumer Math class. Still, some feel nervous about doing the "real thing". The idea that my students aren't getting their tax refunds because the process is so confusing really bothers me. Nevermind that wage theft is a major issue anyway, lots of people are leaving even more money on the table because of how confusing our tax code is. It's not right.

1040 Tax Cheat Sheet for Kids

4 Ways to Fill 5 Minutes in the Secondary Math Classroom

By Daylight Savings, the clocks in our building are always off by up to 4 minutes. This might not sound like a big deal to anyone who isn't a teacher, but to us, this is a BIG DEAL. My students start lining up at the door and an exhausting game of wack-a-mole begins to get everyone back into their seats. 

Free Exponential Functions Flowchart

One of the hardest things about learning the different exponential functions is knowing when to use each one. 

Exponential Functions Flowchart

Free Quadratic Zeros Quick-Check Template

A few years ago I had a lot of Algebra 2 students and not enough graphing calculators. That year, I decided to combine our graphing calculator unit with our projectile motion unit when graphing calculators were an absolute must. It ended up working out. Now I intentionally combine the two units because it offers a high-interest context for learning all the ins and outs of the graphing calculator. 

Quadratic Zeros Quick-Check Template

Math Teachers At Play Blog Carnival 105

It was very cool to have my Math Word Wall Ideas blog post included in this month's Blog Carnival. This one was hosted my my friend Mrs. E Teaches Math and includes a whole host of ideas from Math teachers everywhere including: discovery based learning, factoring quadratics, a different approach to warm ups, being smart with calculators, a map of mathematics, and a fun transformations logo project.

You can check out Mrs. E's post, as well as past Blog Carnivals, here.

Free Quadratic Formula Warm-up Template

Here in Massachusetts we get a February vacation. There's a lot of theories on how this came about, but no one really knows for sure. In any case, right before we left for vacation, we finished up our mini-unit on the Quadratic Formula. 

This poster has helped my students a lot. It was easy to make on card stock. The white a, b and c is white out. That wasn't part of the original poster but it soon became apparent that I needed to emphasize which part of the formula needed values plugged in.  

Quadratic Formula quick check template

Math Anxiety and Success: Guest Post on Math=Love

A few days ago, something super exciting happened that I really should have written about before now. But with the holidays and a toddler I hardly see when school is in session, I needed some family time. Sarah Carter from the beyond amazing Math=Love published my guest post about math anxiety and success on her blog. Sarah is an amazing math teacher and blogger who has an exceptional way of reaching kids and helping them learn difficult math. It was beyond amazing to be included on her blog. 

You can read more from Sarah at Math=Love. She blogs everyday, sharing what works with her students, classroom decor, interactive notebooks, organization, everything! You can also find her on Twitter @mathequalslove.

Math Anxiety and Success

Since blogging about our classroom fridge, teachers have sent me photos of their classroom fridges and how their students also love seeing their work displayed. You can read more here.

Introducing Quadratic Factoring with Conspiracy Theory in Special Ed Algebra 2

I've written about factoring a few times before, but I seem to learn something new every year.  This year, my Algebra 2 class of all boys and 1 girl is obsessed with conspiracy theories. Any chance they get, they start talking about them. Since we started our factoring unit right before the holiday break, I needed a hook.

Graphing Factored Form Quadratic Functions

In Algebra 2, we just finished a quick unit on graphing quadratics in factored form. The unit went pretty fast because my students already had a pretty solid understanding that "inside is opposite" from our work with vertex form functions. They picked up on finding the zeros instead of the vertex pretty quickly, and I gave them this reference sheet to help with remembering the steps.

Graphing Factored Form Quadratics Cheat Sheet

Secondary Math December $1 Deals!

Math Dollar Deals are back! 

Mrs. E Teaches Math is hosting our first annual December Math Dollar Deals! Each Tuesday in December, some friends and I will be putting 2 resources each on sale for just $1. You can see all of the resources on sale, and 3 ways to find the sale items, by checking out this post