Guest Post: 10 Reasons I LOVE Interactive Notebooks

Long before I started blogging, I followed the blog of super teacher Mrs. E Teaches Math. Her posts were always straight to the point with meaningful information I could bring right back to my classroom (like this post on favorite websites for math teachers). Little did I know that someday she'd be guest blogging for me and that I could call her a friend. So without further introduction, here are 10 reasons Mrs. E loves interactive notebooks!

Editable Function Operations Dice

For years I have seen a pin of functions dice on Pinterest and thought they were the coolest things ever. As it turns out, the pin originated from a Math Teacher named Druin on the post simply called Function Dice. Here is the photo that you have probably already seen:

Fun with Fractions Pennants: Guest Blog Post

Fraction Pennants for adding subtracting multiplying dividing comparing and converting fractions

It was very exciting to have been asked by Gina Wilson of All Things Algebra to write about my fractions pennants for the Kid Courses blog. If you'd like to read my post, you can check it out here: Fraction Pennants for Math!  

Integer Operations with a Flexible Number Line

Integer operations manipulative for adding and subtracting negative numbers

It really doesn't seem to matter whether a student is in 7th grade or in 12th grade, integer operations are always tricky. When I taught Algebra 2 in Boston, working with negative integers was a major sticking point when we'd be solving equations. Students would get all the way to the end of a difficult equation... and this would happen:

Geometry Quick Check

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Now that testing is finally over and we are in the final throws of the school year, what sorts of activities do you do to keep kids engaged? In my last post, teachers offered their tips with links to some of the resources they use. There were a lot of projects, including an amazing link to free NASA activities!